Albert Einstein

"Compound interest is the greatest

mathematical discovery of all time"


Richard Branson

"There will appear other

cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, maybe

even better than Bitcoin"

Robert Kiyosaki

"There are only two kinds of money

problems. One problem is not enought money, and the other problem is too much money. What problem do you choose?


54.3%Russian Federation Russian Federation
8.1%Ukraine Ukraine
7.2%United States United States
4.6%Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
3.8%China China
3.7%Mongolia Mongolia
2.6%European Union European Union
2.1%Belarus Belarus
1.4%Germany Germany
1.1%United Kingdom United Kingdom

Today: 7
Yesterday: 67
This Week: 382
Last Week: 525
This Month: 2113
Last Month: 3510
Total: 68374

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